Birds in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is home to an abundance of bird species (over 127), both sea and land, common and uncommon. They are deft and magnificent in their songs and performances.

According to Wikipedia, this list of Rhode Island birds is a thorough listing of all confirmed bird species in the United States of America’s state of Rhode Island. Unless otherwise specified, the Rhode Island Avian Records Committee maintains this list (RIARC). As of July 2019, the list contains 431 species, 175 of which have nested. Additionally, 109 are vagrants, six were introduced to North America, and two are extinct. 127 species are on the state’s review list.

Rhode Island is the smallest state in terms of area and the 45th most populous in the United States. It is most recognized for its white sand beaches and seaside communities. In 1954, the state of Rhode Island designated the Rhode Island Red chicken (gallus domesticus) as its official bird. The huge, red chicken or rooster is a sociable, laid-back working bird beloved by farmers and revered by state inhabitants.

Rhode Island birds of prey 

Incredible birds of prey with long, sharp talons, hooked beaks, and highly developed vision and hearing. They are raptors, the bird world’s best hunters. Eagles, Owls, Hawks, and Falcons are fearsome and magnificent predators of the sky in Rhode Island, where they are largely prey for birds.

Did you know that Rhode Island is home to over 400 different bird species? Hawks are the most renowned of these. Hawks are always entertaining to observe. They combine beauty and strength with their magnificent plumage and impressive hunting abilities. In Rhode Island, hawks are extremely prevalent. Other bird prey such as Owls, Eagles, and Falcons visited Rhode Island as well.

Eagles Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Eagles were a defunct professional ice hockey team from 1972–73 that competed in the Eastern Hockey League. They were based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and played in the Mount St. Charles Arena. The team was affiliated with the Chicago Cougars of the World Hockey Association.

Bald eagle populations have been increasing in number across Rhode Island, as the bird of prey has recovered across the majority of North America.

This suggests that more eagles are spending time in Rhode Island throughout the winter when they migrate to the Ocean State to fish.

Owls Rhode Island

Numerous owl species call Rhode Island home. Some dwell here year-round; some migrate in and out. The majority of our owls are nocturnal, or active at night. Their large, forward-set eyes enable them to detect even the tiniest movement in extremely dim light but not in complete darkness.

Although owls’ eyes are specialized for dim light vision, they are perfectly capable of seeing well during the day. They cannot rotate their eyes, but their necks are extremely flexible, allowing their heads to spin up to 270 degrees.

Finches of Rhode Island

Finches are stunningly beautiful birds that are a joy to observe on your lawn. Fortunately, nearly all of them visit bird feeders, which increases your chances of attracting a variety of finches to your yard.

Hummingbirds of Rhode Island

Hummingbirds are one of the most popular birds in Rhode Island and have captured the public’s interest and attention for an extended period of time. Hummingbirds are one of the most popular birds in Rhode Island and have captured the public’s interest and attention for an extended period of time.

In Rhode Island, three species have been identified. However, because of their incredible speed and diminutive size, hummingbirds can be difficult to tell apart.

Backyard birds of Rhode Island 

Rhode Island is home to numerous species of wild birds. While some of these species spend the entire year in Rhode Island, others are migratory and only visit on a seasonal basis. Obviously, this list does not include all of the state’s species, or even close to it, but it does include some of the most renowned and identifiable Rhode Island backyard birds, many of which you can see at your bird feeders

In this section, we’ll look at some of the most common and well-known birds found in Rhode Island, with an emphasis on those found near to home. It will focus on a few of our favorite backyard species found in Rhode Island.

Let us begin!

Best Birdwatching Spots in Rhode Island

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union, it features 384 miles of tidal beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay—enough coastline to earn the state the nickname the Ocean State. The majority of Little Rhody is flat and dotted with lakes. Its woodlands are classified as belonging to the Northeast coastal ecoregion.

Nothing beats attending a birding festival during the peak of bird migration. The birds are magnificent, and the people are wonderful.

Explore the most popular birding locations in Rhode Island with our hand-curated trail maps and driving directions featuring a variety of bird species.

  1. Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge
  2. Norman Bird Sanctuary
  3. Great Swamp Management Area
  4. Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge
  5. Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge

Other Rhode Island birds

If you’re a birder, Rhode Island is a must-see destination. The Ocean State has been a sought-after destination for many birding enthusiasts due to its Coastal Lowlands, 393,000 acres of woodland, and seven state beaches.

Discover the other common birds found in the state of Rhode Island.

If you have encountered a bird in Rhode Island that you cannot identify yourself, we’ll be happy to identify it for you. Simply take a picture of it and upload your picture, a quick description and the U.S. state where it was found here on our bird identification page

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