Birds in Colorado

Colorado is home to a variety of bird species and provides plenty of gorgeous habitats for them to nest and roost. For people who consider themselves “Birders” and wish to add to their list of sightings, the state of Colorado is an excellent area to visit.

According to the Colorado Bird Records Committee (CBRC) of Colorado Field Ornithologists, 514 species of birds have been reported in the United States state of Colorado as of August 2021.

Hummingbirds in Colorado

In the United States, there have been reports of as many as 27 different species of hummingbirds. Some of these are common and can be found year after year, while others are uncommon or uninvited visitors.

When it comes to hummingbirds in Colorado, we’ve identified four species that are frequently observed and six that have been spotted but are considered unusual in the state. There are a total of ten hummingbird species in Colorado, making it an excellent state for spotting a variety of these little birds.

Colorado’s climate varies considerably across the state, but it is primarily continental in nature. Colorado has 41 state parks and four national parks.

Rocky Mountain National Park is the most popular national park for observing hummingbirds.

Woodpeckers in Colorado

Colorado is a stunning state with a diverse range of natural components that attract a diverse range of animals, from bats and bears to moose, mountain lions, and red foxes. Colorado is noted for its diverse array of woodpecker species due to its numerous forests and vast State Parks.

Colorado woodpeckers, like other species, follow an environmental pattern. The Rocky Mountains separate the state into three distinct regions: east of the Rockies, west of the Rockies, and the Rocky Mountains. The most widespread species, such as Downy Woodpeckers and Flickers, have successfully spanned the divide. The majority of Colorado’s fourteen woodpecker species, however, adhere to it.

Colorado birds of prey

Raptors are birds of prey that include hawks, falcons, owls, and vultures in Colorado. Adult females of many hawk species are larger than adult males.

Golden Eagle ,these colossal raptors are regarded as among of the largest birds of prey in North America and with the Ferruginous Hawk being the largest in Colorado. They are one of Colorado’s largest birds of prey, with long broad wings and a thick gray, rusty, or white tail. Their wingspan can reach up to 7 feet in width, with females being slightly larger than males. Ferruginous Hawks are magnificent raptors that inhabit the West’s vast deserts and plains.

If you’d like to learn more about these and other raptors found in Colorado, click on the images below.

Finches in Colorado

Colorado’s climate is divided; the state is separated into three distinct climatic zones. These distinct climates are typically divided by the state’s mountain ranges. Colorado has 41 state parks and four national parks.

Rocky Mountain National Park is the most popular of these national parks for bird watching and spotting finches. The House Finch is one of the most often encountered birds in Colorado.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these 12 species of finches and what you can do to attract them to your house and yard.

Bluebirds in Colorado

Due to Summit County’s elevation, we get more bluebird days than the rest of Colorado and witnessing our lovely bluebirds such as the Black-Throated Blue Warbler, Blue Grosbeak, and even Blue Jay can enhance your day. These birds are a priceless treasure of our high peaks.

Bluebirds are migratory sociable songbirds that are one of the few birds in North America that are mostly blue in color. Bluebirds are classified into three species, although only two have been spotted in Castle Rock: the Mountain Bluebird and the Western Bluebird (Eastern Bluebird is found mostly in eastern Colorado). They are secondary cavity nesters, which means they rely on the nesting cavities of other species or on man-made nest boxes.

Best Birdwatching Spots in Colorado

The eastern plains of Colorado are an outstanding location for birdwatching in Colorado, owing to the incredible variety of birds that call the area’s undulating grassland, craggy rimrock, quiet ponds, and cold streams lined with cottonwoods and willows home.

Colorado is among the top ten states with the largest bird lists, an accomplishment made all the more astounding given the state’s lack of an ocean coastline. Colorado makes the cut due to its plenty of land and diverse habitats.

  1. Barr Lake SP
  2. Pueblo Reservoir
  3. Chafield SP
  4. Cherry Creek SP
  5. Prewitt Resevoir SWA

On this page, you can find an overview of birds in Colorado. Just click on any of the images or links to learn more about the bird.

If you have encountered a bird in Colorado that is not yet on our list or that you cannot identify yourself, we’ll be happy to identify it for you. Simply take a picture of it and upload your picture, a quick description and the U.S. state where it was found here on our bird identification page

Other common birds in Colorado

For many individuals, Birds, their chirping and singing serve as the summer soundtrack.

Individuals who live near water, trees, or natural food sources may receive uninvited visits from feathered companions. For others, it will require some effort.

Not only are they relaxing and fascinating, but as native birds, they contribute significantly to your yard’s environment by eating insects, pollinating flowers, and distributing seeds.

The following are more common birds in Colorado that you may encounter in your backyards or when out on a walk outside of parks, lakes, and roadways.

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