Ixoreus Naevius – Varied Thrush

The variegated thrush, Ixoreus naevius) is a Turdidae thrush. It is the only species of Ixoreus. Johann Friedrich Gmelin, a German scientist, named the variegated thrush Turdus naevius in 1789. Charles Lucien Bonaparte erected the Ixoreus genus in 1854, and the variegated thrush is now the only species. Quick Overview: Ixoreus Naevius – Varied Thrush […]

Turdus Migratorius – American Robin

The American robin, Turdus migratorius is a migratory songbird belonging to the genus Turdus and the family Turdidae. It is called after the European robin due to its reddish-orange breast, despite the fact that the two species are not closely related; the European robin is a member of the Old World flycatcher family. The American […]

Hylocichla Mustelina – Wood Thrush

It is an American passerine bird (Hylocichla mustelina). It is closely related to other thrushes like the American robin and winters in Central America and southern Mexico. The wood thrush is the District’s official bird. The wood thrush has brown upperparts and brown and white underparts. Male and female look alike. Male music is generally […]

Catharus Guttatus – Hermit Thrush

The Hermit Thrush, Catharus Guttatus is a small thrush found in North America. It is not closely related to the other migratory Catharus species found in North America, but to the Mexican russet nightingale-thrush. The specific epithet guttatus means “spotted” in Latin. Quick Overview: Catharus Guttatus – Hermit Thrush Body size: Around 6.75 in (17 […]

Catharus Ustulatus – Swainson’s Thrush

Swainson’s thrush, Catharus ustulatus alternately known as Olive-backed or russet-backed thrush, is a medium-sized thrush. It is a member of the genus Catharus and is characterized by its muted coloring and lovely rising flute-like song. Swainson’s thrush was named after English naturalist William Swainson. Quick Overview: Catharus Ustulatus – Swainson’s ThrushBody size: Around 6-7 in […]

Sialia Sialis – Eastern Bluebird

In North America, the eastern bluebird, Sialia siali breeds in open forests, farmlands, and orchards. They belong to the Turdidae family. The male’s striking blue breeding plumage on a wire or exposed perch attracts birders. The male’s cry is a quiet jeew or chir-wi warble or the beautiful tune chiti WEEW wewidoo. Quick Overview: Sialia […]

Catharus Minimus – Gray-Cheeked Thrush

Grey-cheeked thrushes, Catharus minimus are little thrushes. This species has the typical white-dark-white underwing pattern of Catharus thrushes. It is a part of a small group of migratory species that includes the veery and Bicknell’s thrush; combined with the latter, it forms a cryptic species pair. Except for its somewhat bigger size and distinct singing, […]

Myadestes Townsendi – Townsend’s Solitaire

The Townsend’s solitaire, Myadestes townsendi is a medium-sized thrush that is the only native solitaire found north of Mexico. Townsend’s Solitaire is a graceful, wide-eyed songbird native to western mountain forests. Their sweet jumbling song alerts people to their presence and animates their evergreen forest and juniper woodland habitats. Quick Overview: Myadestes Townsendi – Townsend’s […]

Sialia Currucoides – Mountain Bluebird

The mountain bluebird, Sialia currucoides is a migratory thrush found in western North America’s mountains. With a white belly and black eyes. Males have narrow bills and are turquoise-blue above and paler below. Their song is a warbled high ‘chur chur’. The Idaho and Nevada state birds. Wild, it can survive 6–10 years as an […]

Sialia Mexicana – Western Bluebird

Western bluebird, Sialia mexicana is a tiny thrush found throughout North America. Western Bluebirds, together with the more famous American Robin (Turdus migratorius) and the probably less familiar Swainson’s Thrush, are members of the thrush family. Quick Overview: Sialia Mexicana – Western BluebirdBody size: Around 7-7.75 in (18-20 cm) and a weight of 28 g […]

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