Accipitridae – Hawks & Vultures

Buteo Platypterus – Broad-Winged Hawk

Buteo platypterus, known to be a Broad-winged hawk, in the Neotropics from Mexico to southern Brazil. Some subspecies live year-round on Caribbean islands. Females are bigger than males in most raptors. Wide-winged hawks have short, broad wings with a tapering, pointed tip. In addition to the two coloring kinds, there are also two morphs: dark […]

Buteo Lineatus – Red-Shouldered Hawk

Known as the Red-shouldered hawk, Buteo lineatus, breeds in eastern North America, California, and northern and northeastern-central Mexico. Throughout its range, it is a permanent resident, however, northern birds migrate to central Mexico. Deforestation is the biggest danger to the species’ survival. Quick Overview: Buteo Lineatus – Red-Shouldered HawkBody size: Around 17-24 in (43-61 cm) […]

Haliaeetus Leucocephalus – Bald Eagle

The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is a North American raptor. With the white-tailed eagle, it is a species pair. Its range covers much of Canada, Alaska, the USA, and northern Mexico. It prefers big open water bodies with enough food and old-growth trees for breeding. These species belong to the family of Accipitridae. To survive, […]

Accipiter Cooperii – Cooper’s Hawk

The Cooper’s hawk, known to be Accipiter cooperii, is a medium-sized hawk found in southern Canada and Mexico. This species is of the Accipiter genus, which is the most diversified of the diurnal raptor genera. The male is smaller than the female in many raptors. That east of the Mississippi tends to be bigger than […]

Accipiter Striatus – Sharp-Shinned Hawk

The sharp-shinned hawk, Accipiter striatus, is a small but large-headed hawk that breeds from southeastern Canada and Maine south to northern Florida and west to eastern California; it is partially migratory, with northern birds moving south as far as Central America. It is the only member of its genus Accipiter found in North America in […]

Circus Hudsonius – Northern Harrier

Known as the northern harrier, Circus Hudsonius is a bird of prey. It breeds throughout the northern hemisphere, including Canada and the United States. They belong to the family of Accipitridae. Some taxonomists regard the northern and hen harriers to be different species, while others consider them conspecific. Quick Overview: Circus Hudsonius – Northern HarrierBody […]

Aquila Chrysaetos – Golden Eagle

Because of their size and activity levels, Aquila Chrysaetos or commonly known as Golden eagles are among the most frequently caught birds in the National Wildlife Refuge System. In most seasons they are common throughout the Northern states, but in the breeding season, they are mostly seen in scattered areas. They belong to the family […]

Buteo Jamaicensis – Red-Tailed Hawk

Buteo jamaicensis, the red-tailed hawk, breeds over much of North America, from Alaska to Panama and the West Indies. It is one of the most prevalent Buteo species in North America and globally. The red-tailed hawk is one of three species known as “chickenhawks” in the US, although seldom preying on standard-sized chickens. When the […]

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