Myioborus Pictus – Painted Redstart

The painted redstart or painted whitestart (Myioborus pictus) is a New World warbler species found in mountainous areas of Central America’s interior. They are huge warblers. Quick Overview: Myioborus Pictus – Painted RedstartBody size: Around 5.1-5.9 in (13-15 cm) and a weight of 8.5-11.3 g (0.3- 0.4 oz) Main colors: Black, Red, WhiteRange: Southern United […]

Cardellina Rubrifrons – Red-Faced Warbler

The red-faced warbler (Cardellina rubrifrons) is a type of warbler found in the New World. On the rear of the head, where the black crown and gray back meet, the area is occasionally speckled gray or plain white. While feeding, they have an odd habit of flipping their tail sideways. Quick Overview: Cardellina Rubrifrons – […]

Cardellina Pusilla – Wilson’s Warbler

Wilson’s warbler (Cardellina pusilla) is a tiny warbler native to the New World. It has rounded wings and a long, thin tail. It is greenish above and yellow below. Males have a blackhead patch; females, depending on the subspecies, have a reduced or nonexistent crown patch. It breeds throughout Canada and the western United States, […]

Cardellina Canadensis – Canada Warbler

Canada warbler (Cardellina canadensis) is a tiny boreal songbird in the warbler family of the New World (Parulidae). In Canada and the northeastern United States, it is summer; in northern South America, it is winter. Quick Overview: Cardellina Canadensis – Canada WarblerBody size: Around 5-6 in (13-15 cm) and a weight of 11 g (0.4 […]

Setophaga Virens – Black-Throated Green Warbler

vThe black-throated green warbler (Setophaga virens) is a tiny warbler species found in the New World. Black-throated Green Warblers, a dainty, lemon-faced canopy dweller, are standouts in a family that is not short on show. It breeds across the boreal forest of northern Canada, the hardwood forests of the southeastern United States, and even cypress […]

Setophaga Occidentalis – Hermit Warbler

Setophaga occidentalis, the hermit warbler, is a small perching bird. It is a New World warbler species. Hermit warblers are a widespread but extremely secretive species of bird found in open coniferous forests. Quick Overview: Setophaga Occidentalis – Hermit WarblerBody size: Around 5 in (13 cm) and a weight of 9 g (0.3 oz)Main colors: […]

Setophaga Townsendi – Townsend’s Warbler

The Townsend’s warbler (Setophaga townsendi) is a tiny songbird in the warbler family found in the New World. Townsend’s warbler was given the binomial name Sylvia townsendi in 1837 by American scientist John Kirk Townsend. Quick Overview: Setophaga Townsendi – Townsend’s Warbler Body size: Around 4.75 – 5 in (12-13 cm) and a weight of […]

Setophaga Nigrescens – Black-Throated Gray Warbler

The black-throated gray warbler (Setophaga nigrescens) is a passerine bird in the Parulidae family of New World warblers. Unlike many migratory warblers, it does not appear to be substantially threatened by human activities within its breeding habitat. Quick Overview: Setophaga Nigrescens – Black-Throated Gray WarblerBody size: Around 4.75-5 in (12-13 cm) and a weight of […]

Setophaga Graciae – Grace’s Warbler

The Grace’s warbler (Setophaga graciae) is a tiny warbler found in New World pine forests. Elliott Coues discovered Grace’s warbler in the Rocky Mountains in 1864. He requested that the new species be named after his 18-year-old sister, Grace Darling Coues, and Spencer Fullerton Baird accepted his request when he officially described the species in […]

Setophaga Discolor – Prairie Warbler

The prairie warbler (Setophaga discolor) is a tiny songbird in the warbler family found in the New World. Prairie warblers are little warblers with yellowish-green upperparts and a brilliant yellow underside. Quick Overview: Setophaga Discolor – Prairie WarblerBody size: Around 4.75 in (12 cm) and a weight of 9 g (0.3 oz) Main colors: Brown, […]

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