Motacillidae – Wagtails & Pipits

Anthus Rubescens – American Pipit

Small songbird found on both sides of the northern Pacific, Anthus rubescens in Latin name. It was previously classified as a water pipit. “American pipit” in North America, “buff-bellied” in Eurasia. It is in the family of Motacillidae. Quick Overview: Anthus Rubescens – American PipitBody size: Around 6.5in (17cm) in length with 23 g(0.8 oz)  […]

Anthus Spragueii – Sprague’s Pipit

The Sprague’s pipit or the Anthus spragueii is a small songbird that breeds in North American short- and mixed-grass prairies. It migrates to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico for the winter. Sprague’s pipits sing high in the sky, like a goldfinch or skylark. It is easily identified by its distinctive descending song rather […]

Anthus Cervinus – Red-Throated Pipit

The Anthus cervinus, also known as Red-throated pipit is a small passerine bird in the family of Motacillidae. These birds are known to be migrated in a long-distance moving in winter to Africa, south and east Asia, and the west coast of the United States.   Quick Overview: Anthus Cervinus – Red-Throated Pipit Body size: Around 6in […]

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