Apodidae – Swifts

Aeronautes Saxatalis – White-Throated Swift

The white-throated swift, Aeronautes saxatalis is a swift of the family Apodidae that is endemic to western North America and southern Honduras, with a range that extends south to the Cordillera del Sur in western Honduras. In the inland, it has migratory populations that may be found across the Great Basin and Rocky Mountain areas, […]

Chaetura Vauxi – Vaux’s Swift

Known as Vaux’s swift, Chaetura vauxi it is a little swift that is endemic to North and Central America, as well as northern South and Central America. William Sansom Vaux, an American scientist, was honored with the name. Quick Overview: Chaetura Vauxi – Vaux’s SwiftBody size: Around 4-4.5 in (10-11 cm) and a weight of […]

Chaetura Pelagica – Chimney Swift

The chimney swift or Chaetura pelagica in Latin name is an Apodidae swift. It is a member of the Chaetura genus and is closely related to the Vaux’s and Chapman’s swifts. No subspecies. An eerie gray medium-sized bird with long, narrow wings and small legs. Like all swifts, it can only cling vertically to surfaces. […]

Cypseloides Niger – Black Swift

Known as the American black swift, or simply black swift, Cypseloides niger Latin, the American black swift is a species of bird that may be found from northern British Columbia in Canada to the United States, Mexico, and into Costa Rica and Brazil. In addition, they can be found in the Caribbean. The Black Swift […]

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