Alcedinidae – Kingfishers

Spatula Clypeata – Northern Shoveler

The northern shoveler also referred to as the shoveler in the United Kingdom with Latin name of Spatula Clypeata is a common and ubiquitous duck. The northern shoveler is a dabbling duck of modest size. Its most distinguishing characteristic is its enormous shovel-shaped bill. The northern shoveler is one of the species included under the […]

Megaceryle Alcyon – Belted Kingfisher

A big water kingfisher, megaceryle alcyon or commonly known as Belted kingfisher, appears on the 1986 Canadian $5 bill. Formerly classified as one family, Alcedinidae, current research shows it should be split into three subfamilies. Quick Overview: Megaceryle Alcyon – Belted KingfisherBody size: Around 11-14 in (28-37 cm) and a weight of 173 g (6.1 […]

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