Threskiornithidae – Ibises & Spoonbills

Plegadis Chihi – White-faced Ibis

The white-faced ibis, Plegadis chihi is a Threskiornithid wader. This species nests among shrubs or low trees in wetlands. It breeds in western North America, southern Mexico, southeastern Brazil and Bolivia, central Argentina, and along the coast of central Chile. Its winter range includes southern California and Louisiana as well as its breeding range. Quick […]

Eudocimus Albus – White Ibis

The American white ibis, Eudocimus albus, is a Threskiornithidae bird species. It is distributed from Virginia down the US Gulf Coast to much of the New World tropics. This ibis is a medium-sized bird with a brilliant red-orange down-curved beak, long legs, and black wing tips visible only in flight. Males are bigger and have […]

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