Regulidae – Kinglets

Regulus Satrapa – Golden-Crowned Kinglet

The scientific name for the Golden-crowned Kinglet is Regulus satrapa, which means “golden-crowned kinglet” is a tiny songbird found across much of North America.  The Greek term satrapes refers to a king who is crowned with a golden halo. Only one day after their departure from the nest does the female Golden-crowned Kinglet continue to […]

Corthylio Calendula – Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Small passerine bird called in Latin as Corthylio calendula, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet found in North America. It is a kinglet. Green plumage with white wing bars and an eye ring. Males have a hidden red crown patch. In terms of plumage, the sexes are identical (except the crown). It’s one of North America’s tiniest songbirds The […]

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