Thraupidae – Tanagers & Allies

Sicalis Flaveola – Saffron Finch

Saffron flinch, or commonly known in latin terms Sicalis flaveol is a tanager from South America that can be found in lowland open and semi-open areas outside of the Amazon Basin. It has also been introduced in other places, such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico. They are in the family of Thraupidae.  This bird prefers […]

Paroaria Capitata – Yellow-Billed Cardinal

The Paroaria capitata or commonly known as yellow-billed cardinal, which is native to South America, is easily distinguished by its bright red head and its namesake yellow beak.  These tanager species are members of the tanager family (Thraupidae). It was previously classified as a member of the Emberizidae family and is not closely related to […]

Paroaria Coronata – Red-Crested Cardinal

Paroaria coronata, or more commonly known as the Red-crested cardinal, is a songbird. These birds are members of the tanager family (Thraupidae). They are occasionally referred to as the Brazilian cardinal. This species is not closely related to the true cardinal family of Cardinalidae, despite the fact that they have the same name. The Red-crested […]

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