Aechmophorus Carkia – Clark’s Grebe

The Clark’s grebe, known in Latin as Aechmophorus clarkii is a North American grebe species in the family Podicepidae. It was assumed to be a pale variant of the western grebe until the 1980s. There are known intermediates. Quick Overview: Aechmophorus Carkia – Clark’s GrebeBody size: Around 26 in (66 cm) and a weight of […]

Aechmophorus Occidentalis – Western Grebe

The western grebe, Aechmophorus occidentalis is a grebe species in the family of Podicipedidae. Other names include “dabchick” and “swan grebe”. Fossil western grebes from southwest North America were described as a separate species but were eventually reclassified as Aechmophorus occidentalis lucasi. A recent investigation revealed them to be within the range of modern birds. […]

Podiceps Nigricollis – Eared Grebe

The black-necked grebe, Podiceps nigricollis is a grebe Podicipedidae family member. Its breeding plumage is ochre-colored and extends behind the eye and across the ear coverts. The remainder of the top is black to blackish brown, including the head, neck, and breast. Abdomen and flanks are tawny rufous to maroon-chestnut. This bird’s non-breeding plumage is […]

Podiceps Grisegena – Red-Necked Grebe

In the northern hemisphere, the red-necked grebe or the Podiceps grisegena migrates. Wintering is limited to calm waters well beyond the waves along ocean shores, however, certain species may winter on huge lakes as well. Grebes enjoy nesting in shallow freshwater bodies including lakes, marshes, and ponds. All grebes are superb swimmers, but the Red-necked […]

Podiceps Auratus – Horned Grebe

Known as the horned grebe, Podiceps auritus is a tiny waterbird of the Podicipedidae family. It breeds in the Palearctic, whereas P. a. cornutus breeds in North America. The Eurasian subspecies breed from Greenland to western China. Canada and the United States are home to the North American subspecies. The birds’ “horns” are big yellowish […]

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